The Cyber Unicorn

Confessions of a Cyber Unicorn

Everyone’s looking for a path. A way in which it’s been done so they can take that plan and mindlessly follow. The moment you realize, if some thing as menial as a snowflake is full of detail and uniqueness.

The complexity of a human must be amplified with varying attributes to make every morsel of our existence unique. So the same path you’re trying to take doesn’t exist. It is all different for everyone and that difference is the only commonality that makes us the same.

Own your differences. Create your own path. And don’t look to my words as anything more than a point of reference keeping you from repeating unnecessary mistakes.



We are all one in this human experience called life. No one’s life is perfect, and struggle is a part of the process. Leaning into the experiences of others can sometimes save you from making the same mistakes. Understand the process is never easy but it’s still worth trying. Striving to dominate in a field where many of us don’t exist is a challenge I’ve accepted. So here I share the journey of that challenge. The challenge you have accepted is all your own, but it never hurts to seek guidance.

– Dr. Karla Clarke

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